Passion People Pictures

Gesichter des Tauchsports / faces of diving sports 

The project is planed for 2019 and 2020. The aim is to document members of diving clubs. Specially the members of the Hannover diving club TCH.

There are so many great people and all have a story to tell. 

Juergen is a long-time diver with 40 years of experience. A UW photographer since the beginning. The old Nikon cameras mostly still work.

Friedrich is older than 70 years. He is still a active and reliable diver.

This is Aimo our super instructor, many divers learned save diving from him.

Frank is a experianced hollyday diver and loves UW photography. 

This is Pia an experienced Hollyday diver, she is a UW photografer as well. 

Jürgen is a veteran, and captain of the dive club boat.