Passion People Pictures

Enjoy the pics of 2020

Dancing Girls 2 These beautyfull girls dance balltett at the FunKey dance school. 

Dancing girls 1: These girlfriends posed in a shooting at FunKey dance school in Hannover. Cute ..

Timo warriour shooting

He wears an impressive beart and likes the hearow shootings. 
We made some pics at some old tanks near Hannover. The military styl fits perfectly.
But his original hobby was the cosplay as a viking. 

Yes, he looks great in this rolle charakter and beard match perfectly together. 

Katja is waiting for her child

She whanted to have good memories of her pregnancy. So we decided to do a shooting in a bath of milk, That was most relaxing for her ....

African root in Germany

Ewane is a complex person. Roots in Africa but grown up in Germany. He had a hard childhood because of this. But he is fine and used to be a strong person that is engaged in social projects. 

A highlight is his music career that features Rap and HipHop, very cool.

Model: Ewane 

Smart Rebel.

Model: @kevin bö Kevin is a smart guy, Very tall and sporty. We did some nice classic shots but the I tried to push him to get out of his comfort zone. It turned out to be very successful. He showed us his rebel spirit. Cool….

David Bowie Tribute to the 70s

Model: fb @frau müller
This shooting is a tribute to David Bowie in the late 70th. Natascha kame up with great ideas and performed like queen. Love it. 

Model: John Wolf
Crazy guy and almost professional model form Hannover.He supports the people of "roksoba". 

This are awesome pics of a shooting with insta: kiwi_saphir
She is an enthusiastic paint ball player. Cute!